Recruitment is now open!

Recruitment into the DPS Corporation is now officially open. If you’re interested in joining, please go to our forum and register your interest.

We require a Full API key check, soon to be ESI. More details to follow.


Donations Welcome

Hi guys,

In order to help me with the costs of running this server, i was advised by the members put out donation options for Paypal. Im also going to put my Refer a friend link to eve so that it will help in the way of not having to pay for an account.

If you’re thinking of a new alt account, please use this link.

Refer a Friend to Eve

Welcome to DPS

This is the new website for the DPS Corporation, we are an amalgamation of different corporations with varying degrees of experience, we have been in the game since 2003 and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are part of The Bastion Alliance, which in-turn is part of The Imperium.

If you would like to join our corporation, please proceed to the forum where you can register and submit your information. Alternatively, please visit the D-PS public channel in game to speak with a recruiter.